Walcom Solvent Spray Gun Cleaning System


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Walcom Easy Wash Spray Gun Cleaning Machine.

Allows spray guns to be cleaned using recycled or clean solvent. A spray jet provides extra cleaning power.

The unit has no pump or moving parts and is maintenance free. Fume extraction is standard and ducting can be fitted to the 100mm extraction spigot.

Two 20 litre solvent containers are stored in the base of the Easy Wash with access via a hinged steel door.

Easy Wash is suitable for both solvent and water bourne systems. Air consumption is low and the unit is quiet in operation.

Dimensions; 1400mm high x 620mm wide x 400mm deep.

Item Code 90061.

The EASY series spray gun cleaners are used to manually clean spray guns and are the best and most convenient solution for those who want to create an area dedicated to spray gun cleaning.

Practical, essential and complete, the EASY gun cleaners are available in the /S versions for solvent paints and /W versions for water-based paints.


Spray gun cleaner for solvent paints.

For more accurate spray gun cleaning in three phases:

1) atomized clean solvent flow

2) clean solvent flow

3) recycled solvent flow

Structure: zinced sheet

Dimension of washing tank: L 62 x P 40 x H 50 cm

Total dimensions cm: L 62 x P 40 x H 140 cm

Working pressure: 4,0-6,0 bar

Air consumption: 65 l/min.

Weight: 38 Kg