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Etch Primer - Extra adhesion for substrates galvanised & aluminium

U-POL Etch Primer is a 1K etch primer in ready to use aerosol form. It is used for priming bare metal surfaces to promote adhesion of paint and prevent the steel surface from rusting.

U-POL Etch Primer is chromate free. It is typically applied to promote adhesion on rub-through areas prior to painting, on bare metal substrates and over bare seams before application of sealant.

Power Can Primer is a 1K ready for use primer in an aerosol. It is used for priming surfaces before top coating. Power Can Primer is capable of producing a coating of a film thickness similar to that of a spray gun applied primer. The convenience of using a high build primer in an aerosol means that masking is kept to a minimum. Mixing paint and cleaning spray equipment are avoided as a result of using Power Can Primer, leading to savings in time and materials

Power Can Primer is chromate free and easy to sand. Surface Preparation & Instructions for Use Power Can Primer can be applied on the following surfaces:- • Fully cured paint. • Polyester body fillers & G.R.P. Thoroughly clean and degrease surfaces with Pre cleaner or panel prep such as U-POL System 20 Degreaser. Abrade primed surfaces wet or dry with 280-320, dry and degrease again.