Tetrosyl Tetra Schutz Sealer 1 Litre x6



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Tetrosyl Teraschutz Car Body Schutz 1 Litre Cans
A fine textured, fast drying bitumen based product, Tetraschutz provides
Excellent rust protection and sound deadening qualities. Suitable for all
Lower body panels requiring enhanced protection.

Tetraschutz is not suitable for overcoating.

Flexible when dry.
Excellent one-coat coverage.
Touch dry in 2 hours at 20°C
Does not sag.
Not overpaintable.
Various textures can be achieved by altering spray technique.
Spray at a pressure of 70/90 psi (Bar 5/6) and a distance of 30-45cm
Can be applied with a roller or brush also
This will effect drying timesSuitable for application:
Shutz, underbody sealant, stonechips and waxoyl etcImportant
Always ensure the surface to be treated is suitably prepared, and
fully degreased with Tetrosyl Compliant Panel Wipe.

Check that the spray gun is clean and free from blockages (excess pressure may cause the can to

Approximately 3 square metres per litre.Cleaning
Tetrosyl Gun WashStorage
This product is subject to regulations governing the storage of
highly flammable liquids and liquefied petroleum gases.