SATAJet 5000 B RP 1.2 Sixties Limited Edition Digital Clear



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Includes QCC 0.6 Cup

Supreme Flexibility – The SATAjet 5000 B

The premium spraygun SATAjet 5000 B sets a new quality standards, while painting has become as easy as never before. Being extremely versatile in terms of application distance and inlet pressure, this new high performance spraygun is leading the way. Now painters have the possibilities to set pressure and distance as required by the paint to be applied, the climatic conditions and the work method – to achieve perfect finishes.

Ergonomics at its finest

The design of SATAjet 5000 B has been created by the experts at the Porsche Design Studio who have translated pure functionality into aesthetic form together with the specialists at SATA. Due to the optimised shape of the gun handle, the spraygun fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. In addition, the gun handle of the digital version is identical in size to the standard model which makes it the perfect spraygun for all painters, regardless of the size of their hands.

Easy to operate

Our quest for excellent ergonomics however has not only influenced the development of the gun handle, but equally the design of the spray fan control, material flow control as well as the air micrometer. Robust but still low in weight, this spraygun offers a perfect combination of ease of application and durability.

Easy to clean

The SATAjet 5000 B is finished with a satin-gloss pearlchrome™ surface which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, as are the material passages, the quick change cup connection QCC and the sturdy QC air cap threads. Owing to the superb quality of the seals and other components, this spraygun is very low maintenance.

  • Optimised nozzle for adjusting pressure and spray distance
  • Ergonomically shaped gun handle
  • Pearlchrome™ surface for easy cleaning, corrosion resistant
  • Easy to adjust control elements
  • Safely positioned trigger sleeve – for easy, safe and quick insertion of paint needle
  • Swivel joint with new high performance seal
  • Identical compact-size gun handle for non-digital and digital guns
  • Optimised half-turn spray fan control
  • No adapter required – SATA RPS disposable cups fit directly onto the gun for reduced weight and cleaning effort

  • The “Super Speed” SATAjet 5000 B RP with its optimised high pressure technology for maximum application speed and minimum overspray.

Technical Specifications (RP)

  • Inlet pressure
  • Field of application: 0.5 bar – 2.4 bar
  • Compliant: max 2.0 bar
  • Air consumption at 2.0 bar: 10.2 cfm
  • Application distance
  • Field of application: 10 cm – 21 cm
  • Recommended: 17 cm – 21 cm