Max Meyer 0200 2K Clear Coat Car Lacquer 8000 Hardener 15L 2 packs of 7.5L



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• Genuine Max Meyer Maxiclear Acrylic Clear Lacquer 5 Litre x2

• Supplied with Max Meyer 8000 Fast Hardener 2.5 Litre x2

• 15 Litre Total Kit Weight (10 Ltr Lacquer & 5ltr 8000 Hardener)

Full Description:

Max Meyer 0200 Lacquer Kit

15ltrs total product includes 1.360.0200 Lacquer 5ltr & 2.5ltrs Max Meyer Fast 8000 Hardener/Activator x2!

a 2K high solid clear which displays excellent flowing capabilities, quick drying and polishing, hardness and gloss.

It is used for spot, panel and overall repairs.