JTape Pack of 3 (Logo, Refit and Parking Sensor)


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Logo Tape

JTAPE Clear Logo Tape is purposely designed for recovering logos and emblems from all types of vehicles – reducing costs and speeding up the reclaim process. Clear Logo Tape is also ideal for positioning parts before final fixing or for fixing decorative and promotional items.

10 Sheets per Sleeve.

Parking Sensor Masking Discs

The fast and sure way to save time masking integrated parking sensors and rubber seals. JTAPE Parking Sensor Masking Discs are specially designed to mask parking sensors without the need for removal. Our adhesive cover protects the sensor throughout the repair process preventing damage from sanding, painting and polishing. This saves time and also reduces the risk of problems or malfunctions with the sensors afterwards.

Refit Tape

JTAPE Refit Tape is a permanent carrier free transfer adhesive with an instant, aggressive bond even on difficult to stick surfaces. With good humidity resistance, the acrylic based adhesive refit tape also performs well under UV light and chemical resistance.

JTAPE’s refit tape can be used anywhere adhesive is required. In tape form it is easy to use and will not cause contamination through overspray like many wet adhesives. A perfect way of adhering the JTAPE door replacement film. 12mm X 10m