IWCL-300 Iwata Spray Out Cleaning Pot with Airbrush Hanger


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The Universal Spray Out Pot is part of the Iwata Workstation range of products that work together and keep your cleaning area all in one spot. The Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder as pictured above is also available to buy separately.

The Iwata Spray Out Pot features:

  • Removable, non-skid pot sleeve. This prevents the pot from sliding off the table and also protects the pot from breakage.
  • Its universal airbrush hanger fits all gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes
  • The filter cap also serves as a handy airbrush parts holder, with a raised lip that prevents parts from rolling away
  • Connects to the Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder (using bracket supplied with the universal holder)
  • Eliminates overspray when cleaning your airbrush
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe glass pot
  • Two spare filters included