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For decades the Iwata High Performance (HP) Series has been the professional workhorse, fulfilling the needs of those requiring outstanding control, superior atomisation, and consistent fine detail through to medium sized areas. The HP Series has proved itself with illustrators through to customisers with its versatility and durability.

Who knew 50 years ago when Iwata introduced the HP-C airbrush, it would start the modern day airbrush revolution? But it did when famed artists Charlie White, Dave Willardson and Michael Cacy, in 1981, switched to the gravity-feed Iwata HP-C from other brands of side-feed models.

The Iwata HP-C allowed artists who airbrushed the ability to paint with acrylics which gave them the versatility they needed because they could work with both opaque and transparent colours. Using the HP-C with acrylics completely changed airbrush technique for these 3 hugely popular, trailblazing artists in the airbrush industry.

Because of these 3 artists’ influence in the airbrush industry, the Iwata HP-C became the main airbrush in all illustration artists’ arsenals. It was the go-to airbrush to create all the advertising & fine art graphics before the advent of computers.

The new and improved Iwata High Performance Plus Series replaced the original HP series, but the classic HP-C is available once again as a limited edition. There are only 1000 available, each engraved with its unique number, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Iwata's High Performance Series. Whether you keep it mint in its smart special edition blue metal case as a collector's item, use it for special occasions or put it to hard-labour as a work-horse alongside your other trusted Iwata airbrushes - you are buying a piece of airbrush history!

The HP-C has a 0.3mm nozzle. It has a large 1/3 (9ml) gravity cup with snap on lid to prevent spillage. Mediums that may be sprayed range from inks and acrylics to oils and gouache suitably thinned. The HP-C will produce lines down to 0.3mm.

The HP-C is excellent for these applications:

  • Fine art
  • Illustration
  • Custom Automotive
  • Ceramics
  • Model Painting
  • Thin Cosmetics
  • Body Art